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   Chinese Tutor Online to Teach You Mandarin


Our Chinese tutorial is structured as a multi - level program that provides an intensive
line teaching of Mandarin for beginners to advanced learners. According to the levels              studied, class content combines both Academic Mandarin and General Mandarin skills                and includes the  practice in  the everyday communication areas of  speaking, listening,                writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar knowledge as well as memory training.




  Meet Your Chinese Teacher

   Hello from Chunmei, i would really like to teach you Mandarin with my on line Chinese            tutoring.  My academic level is a professor.  My teaching skills are of the highest level,              resulting in higher education proven and up to date teaching techniques being used in all
   my classes. This is accomplished by custom a course to help you maximise your learning          
 strenghts, overcome your existing study weakness and focus on the strategies required to            build sucess in learning Mandarin.


    Professional Academic   

    Academic adviser. As well as being a certified teacher, i am also an expert adviser.
    Using my extensive range of academic expereince i can give you extra help, making
    your existing Mandarin study a more effective learning experience.



Chinese Tutor Rates & Skype

    My private Chinese tutorial is always ready to reach anyone anywhere in the world because
    i  use Skype. 
It is a useful and free to use live link online

    My hourly rate is  $ 13.00    ( Payable by PayPal )

    I believe in education before profit.  This is why i am cheaper than other e Chinese tutors

   Turn Your PC into an online Mandarin Immersion Tool

    1 )   Set up a mic                 2 )   Install skype at    

    3 )   Get a user name            4 )   Start learning Mandarin via the internet



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   Personal Study Plan

From basic tones to writing characters.
 You can learn Chinese becuase i can
  teach you.  I will design a custom             learning plan to suit each and every


     One low Price

     $ 13.00   per lesson.

 Beginners & basic learners
 Intermediate & advanced
 HSK proficiency test levels 1 - 6
 Survival - crash course
 Childrens, teenagers & adults


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