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Join us and Learn Chinese online with effective Chinese tutorial set at your own learning pace. Our Synchronous online teaching via Skype delivers effective easy to learn Chinese lessons. We're an online language school established by a scholar of teaching languages at universities. Our experience and academic teaching level makes us experts in providing English speakers with a synchronous online education in all aspects of commumicating in authentic Mandarin. 

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      About our distance learning.

1 )  -  Easy instruction  &  Simple explanation

You learn faster when everything is made easier to understand We have one of the highest ranking academics ready explain every difficult concept as it is encountered.

2 )  -  Professional Chinese teacher  -  Chunmei  
  • A former language  professor of  Xi'an university, China.
  • A career of 23 years teaching English & Mandarin in universities
  • 4,600 of her student are now fluent communicaters in Mandarin.

3 )  -  Teaching from a English speakers prospective 

Over two decades of teaching English in universities gives me the required expereience & knowledge in how English speakers learn. Everything i teach will be easy for you to comprehend 


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Chunmei Chapman the online Chinese tutor and founder of www.chineselanguageservices.com.au 
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 Chinese teacher    


Hi, i'm Chunmei, the founder or Chinese language services and  your online Chinese tutor. 

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching Mandarin & English for 23 years in universities, private tutoring from 1985 to present  

Teaching Qredentials

I am a Chinese government Certified language teacher and university professor. I hold certification first class in the Putonghua proficiency test.  

About me.

I was born in China, I am a unviversity graduate. I speak three languages as well as three local Chinese dialects. I relocated to Australia in 2009.  I operate my online language school out of Australia. I'm the author & co author of serveral books, jurnals & articals about learning languages. 



Customer's Testimonial

"she is very professional and patient.  Strongly recommend her to you "

I took classes to study Chinese  with professor Ma, for over 7 months  and I am so pleased with her lessons. She always looked for possible  resources and tailor made the classes  to what I needed. Also she took the  time to explain topics to me,  answered all my questions and made  sure I understood before going to the  next topic. Thanks to her, my Mandarin is brushed up a lot.

  Jin from California   U.S.A