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You can learn Chinese faster with a Chinese tutor at Chinese language services live interactive online Chinese language lessons. Experience the professional 1 on 1 tutoring from a certified university professor of teaching language and literature.



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We're an online language school created by a university teacher with a career spanning back to 1985 as private tutor. 23 years teaching as a certifed academic awarded the higher teaching level of a professor.   Learn More

We specialise in e teaching and online Chinese tutoring to English speakers. Our lessons cater for children, teenagers and adults at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.                                                                          

Our mission is offer internet users the highest academic level Chinese tutor / teacher for the lowest price. We aim to break the online monopoly of high prices by putting education before profit.

Simple explanation in plain English
Every difficult concept will be explained in easy to follow step by step instrustion to help you understand and learn Chinese faster.

Systematic training
Our Chinese tutorial and e teaching will cover all aspects Mandarin connunication, speaking, listening. reading and writing. We offer a total learning program for beginners to advanced learners. 

Tailor made curriculum
Each student receives professional curriculum development from professor Ma, she will indentify all your learning needs and create a flexible curriculum to suit your learning style. 



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  " She is very professional and patient. Strongly recomend her to you "

I took classes to study with professor Ma ( Chunmei ) for over seven months and I am so happy with her lessons. 
She always looked for possible reasources and talior made the classes to what I needed. She also took the time to explain topics to me, answered all my questions and made sure i understood before going to the next topic. Thanks to her, My Mandarin is brushed up a lot.

Jin from California, U.S.A

Professor Ma created this portal of synchronous learning to help everyone across the world e learn Mandarin, the official language of China.        
                                           Whatever you reason, business, freindship, travel, colleagues, dating - Our Chinese tutor has a lesson to suit you.

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