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My name is Ma, i'm a native Chinese and a certified academic language teacher with 23 years experience teaching language in university. My teaching level is a professor. I specialise in teaching to English speakers using Skype via internet . My multi level class motivates my students in thinking and studying at a higher level. All lessons increase both academic and general knowledge, subject understanding, learning stategies and improve the memory skills.      



     Why Choose us as your Mandarin tutor  ?                                                           

       1    Our affordable prices  -  It's just   $ 13.00   per lesson

       2    Our Chinese tutor has over 23 years experience as a certified teacher

       3    Our honesty  -  It takes time and hard work to learn Mandarin.

       4    Our dedication to teaching Mandarin to our customers.


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   Benefits of receiving tutoring
  >   Individual systematic learning.
  >   Improved academic skills.
  >   Motivation of paced learning.
  >   Increases self esteem.
  >   Intensive study for students.


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