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Contact us and Learn Chinese online with effective Chinese tutorial set at your own learning pace. Our Synchronous online teaching via Skype delivers effective easy to learn Chinese lessons. We're an online language school established by a scholar of teaching languages at universities. Our experience and academic teaching level makes us experts in providing English speakers with a synchronous online education in all aspects of Mandarin commumication. Our mission is to provide internet users with a premier e learning service that is both effective and affordable.

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Join the web based learning at our virtual classroom of Mandarin lessons.

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   Like all experts, they make it look so easy. Teaching Chinese
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  Our Chinese teacher.
   Chunmei ( chapman )
   A former language professor of Xi'an university in China.
23 years experience teaching English & Mandarin.

Learning Chinese from an English speakers prospective

I am a certified expert in teaching English at the highest academic level, I know exactly how to teach Mandarin from an English speakers prospective. For over two decades i have excelled in teaching languages in universities and now i'm ready to demonstrate these skills live online.

Your Chinese teacher, Chunmei                     



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      Chunmei  ( Chapman )                  

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  Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
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Hi, i'm Chunmei, the founder or Chinese language services. I am  your online Chinese tutor. 

Mandarin is not hard to learn

The solution to teaching Mandarin is to see it through the eyes of the English speaker. Only then will everything become easy to understand.

Progressive lessons are best

Start small and add to your learnig skills as you grow,  increase you profiency and effectiveness as you learn.

Ask for a Free trial Lesson

I am happy to give each person one free trial lesson. it's 30 minutes in duration and a great way to see how i conduct my teaching online.


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 Customer's testimonial

"she is very professional and patient.  Strongly recommend her to you "

I took classes to study Chinese  with professor Ma, for over 7 months  and I am so pleased with her lessons. She always looked for possible  resources and tailor made the classes  to what I needed. Also she took the  time to explain topics to me,  answered all my questions and made  sure I understood before going to the  next topic. Thanks to her, my Mandarin is brushed up a lot.

  Jin from California   U.S.A  

 Skype. Bring E learnig Mandarin
                        live to your PC

Distance learning Mandarin is now easier to set up,  take up my invertation to enter my virtial classroom and learn Mandarin online anytime you want.